the clarinet reeds for your clarinet

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reeds   for  german  system  clarinet
available in four different schedules
and   french cut reeds.
Our reeds are
made of handselected cane
( arundo donax ) grown up in mediterranean
climate. All of our different reed cuts are footing on superbe traditionally handmade clarinet reeds of great clarinet personalities. In order to provide consistence in quality every reed is handselected by blowing before packaging and shipment.
As a complement
we supply clarinet mouthpieces with several facings of  our  own,  constructed to  fit  perfectly   with
Foglietta clarinet reeds. Some accessories such
as a reed case, cord, a grindstone, reed cutter or
a needle file, in other words,  all  you  need  to  maintain
reed quality is also available in our Foglietta
online shop.

Important Notice ! ! !
As a precautionary measure since first of march, all clarinet reeds and mouthpieces are being additionally disinfected by alcohol before shipping.
is certainly most
important   to  us
even though
it   naturally   comes   at a   price
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