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selecting a clarinet mouthpiece
our facings at a glance:

last updated: december 1st 2017
Foglietta mouthpieces are available in different materials such as ebonite, polyacrylate or ABS.
The prices start at:

100,00 EUR a french style mouthpiece

130,00 EUR for one german style.

As a special service we offer a refacing of a customers own material by a facing of ours at

60,00 EUR per lay.

Please contact me for more details (a click on the Logo) for shure I still have some more options.

Our mouthpieces for french system clarinet:

1,20 mm
The short french style facing
with tension
1,20 mm
medium french style facing,
compares to B40 by Vandoren
and provides some fun for you
1,20 mm
long french style facing


Which is the unique point behind the foglietta concept?

Streamlined shapes are state of the art whenever technical developing in connection with currents or airflow is concerned. They are part of our modern world in form of a ship's hull or a biker's helmet as well as automobile design up to the wingprofile of an aircraft. Streamlined design helps us to save energy as well as to save our environment by improving noise reduction while using streaming air much more effectively.
This is the reason why Foglietta designed a new clarinet reed as a component to several own mouthpiece facings all following the same basic priciple. You may choose from different lengths or from different tip openings corresponding to your personal point of lip contact on the setup.
Advanced Tuning of your setup on the instrument will reduce the number of unknown variables in clarinet playing. This is the way foglietta serves to save your personal resources and to protect you from losing too much physical energy so that you may absolutely concentrate on making music, the basis for a joyful clarinet playing.